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Eleanor Collinson

Research Assistant

Global ecological systems are changing at an unprecedented rate due to anthropogenic pressures. These systems, and the biota within them, are crucial for sustaining life on earth. I want to understand the drivers of these changes and how we can maintain ecosystem functioning in a changing world. Ecosystem restoration, protection and rewilding are my main areas of interest. My research aim is to understand the dynamic interactions between plant, animal and human interfaces to protect biodiversity and prevent further species loss. I use an integrated approach to address these questions through a mix of field, lap and data driven investigations. I am also involved in anti-poaching operations in Africa through Stichting GroundWaves, which I am the chairwoman of. Stichting GroundWaves is a WWF funded NGO that aims to use seismic technologies to reduce large game poaching. My main area of knowledge is animal interactions (BSc. Hons. Zoology; MSc Ecology and Evolution), though the SilvaNova project has expanded my knowledge of plant and microbe interactions in forest systems. Through SilvaNova I have also had the opportunity to investigate the potential benefits of soil transplantations, with regards to the process of afforestation.

Eleanor Collinson: TeamMember


Velilla E, Collinson E, Bellato L, Berg MP, Halfwerk W. 2021. Vibrational noise from wind energy‐turbines negatively impacts earthworm abundance. Oikos, 130(6), pp.844-849.

Velilla E, Bellato L, Collinson E, Halfwerk W. 2021. Effect of anthropogenic vibratory noise on plant development and herbivory. bioRxiv.

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