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Annemiek van Dijke

PhD candidate

I’ve always wanted to contribute to the understanding and preserving of the natural world. My journey towards contributing to environmental and biodiversity conservation through scientific research began during my Biology BSc at Leiden University. However, it was during a minor at the TU Delft where I collaborated with people in a predominantly technical field, that I found my passion. We stumbled upon the issue of keeping trees alive in high stress environments, the revelation that the root-associated microorganisms played a vital role in keeping the trees alive and healthy immediately peaked my interest.

As I delved deeper into my studies during a Biology Master at Leiden University the intricate connection between microbes and trees continued to intrigue me. Today as part of the Silva Nova project, I am dedicated to help ensure the trees we plant today will flourish into forests of the future. By integrating the microbes that provide protection for the trees, I aim to help protect the trees against stressors they might face when being planted, including droughts and heat stress.

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