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Elke Klein Holkenborg

PhD candidate

Hello! My name is Elke. Many years ago, I was born on a small farm in the East of the Netherlands. My interest in agriculture led me to the study Plant Sciences in Wageningen. During my studies, I was especially fascinated by plant-soil and plant-insect interactions.


Currently, I am part of the KIC project TRIPS: Thrips Reduction In Production Systems. The aim of this project is to increase above-and belowground biodiversity in arable leek cultivation to stimulate pest control by natural enemies. We will focus on three interventions: introduction of banker plants, introduction of predatory bugs and addition of organic amendments to the leek fields. Within the project, my focus will be on the soil health and belowground biodiversity (nematodes, fungi and mites) of the leek fields. Together with farmers and multiple other stakeholders, we will work towards a more nature-inclusive agricultural system.


In my free time, I enjoy taking sports classes, reading good books with my cat and gardening. In the weekends you can find me drinking a lot of coffee with friends & family.

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