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Joes Stellingwerf

PhD candidate

I studied Plant Sciences at Wageningen University, where I also discovered my passion for insects. I kept developing this passion by studying the effect of strip cropping on conservation biological control of the large cabbage white for my Bachelor thesis. During my masters, I specialized in Plant pathology and Entomology, where I believe I followed every insect related course Wageningen University had to offer. During my masters, I researched the effect of developmental stress on brain development on the large cabbage white during my master thesis. I also did a research internship at NIOO-KNAW, where I studied the effect of climate change mediated temperature extremes on the reproduction and development of the false widow spider. These different topics demonstrate my broad interest in arthropods and how they interact with their biotic and abiotic environment. 


Right now, I am a PhD candidate at the aboveground - belowground interactions group of Martijn Bezemer and I could not be more pleased to be able to contribute my knowledge and skills to this group. I work closely together with my fellow PhD candidate Elke, and we aim to develop a more sustainable leek cultivation system that does not rely heavily on the use of pesticides for pest control of Thrips tabaci. Within this project, I will focus on the aboveground biodiversity and natural enemies of thrips. My free time I spend poledancing and pursuing any type of creative project, such as sewing, crochet, knitting and cooking delicious vegan meals! Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss all things arthropods and insects. 

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