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Carola Feijt

Education and Research staff member

Carola obtained her BSc in Zoology after that she studied Biology and Medical laboratory science at the Hogeschool of Utrecht. In 2007 she started her career as zoology/ molecular technician at the Erasmus MC and Arthrogen B.v where she contributed in the research to characterizes the mechanism behind Osteoarthritic and Rheumatism. After that Carola continued her career at the Leiden university medical center (LUMC) at the department of Parasitology under supervision of prof M. Roestenberg working on setting up controlled human infectious models for Malaria and Schistosoma mansoni both in the Netherlands as in Uganda. In September 2020 Carola joined the above belowground interaction group of Prof T.M Bezemer.

Carola Feijt: TeamMember


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