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News: Past Events

Christmas Outing

December 2022

What a pleasant choice for the group outing this year: a sunny afternoon walking through the Dutch dunes! And the best part was spotting the BISONS!

Silva Nova Workshop in Leiden

November 2022

Very insightful discussions during our yearly workshop. Great to receive the Silva Nova team at Leiden University. Exciting plans ahead!

sn ws_edited.jpg

Getting our lab ready

November 2022

New equipment has arrived in our lab for lots of microbiology work!

Welcome Adam

July 2022

We are very excited to have Adam Ossowicki joining our group as a postdoc!

More research on microbiomes of Jacobaea vulgaris and Tyria jacobaeae soon to come... 

IMG_8273 (2).jpeg

First year of Silva Nova

July 2022

We are thankful to all our students for doing a great job during their internships within the first year of the Silva Nova project.

Also, congrats to all BSc students finishing up their theses successfully in the Above-Belowground Interactions group.

Leiden City of Science

June 2022

Our group was represented during the Plant Day of the Leiden City of Science event. People of all ages were very interested to hear about our work on plant-microbe interactions. And in the end, everyone took a tree seedling home to plant in their garden! 

leiden science day pic_edited.jpg
Kostas DK exp.001.jpeg

Setting up experiments in DK

June 2022

Our PhD candidate Kostas has been in Denmark to help set up some pilot experiments with the rest of the Silva Nova team. These experiments will inform our choices for treatments to include in the field experiment next year.

First Silva Nova Workshop live in Dragør, DK

May 2022

We finally gathered the whole team live after one year of the start of the project. Thanks to all participants for making these three days a lively, productive and fun event! Many great ideas to establish our common field experiment!!
(Photo credit: Kent Pørksen)

Untitled 5_edited.jpg

New experiments starting!

April 2022

This week, three new experiments have been set up to test soil inoculation methods, including the inoculation of microbial fractions. Our climate rooms are full at the moment!

Farewell Ana

March 2022

It's time for Ana to start her next adventure. Good luck in Italy!

Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 21_edited.jpg

New paper by Liu et al.

January 2022

Congrats Xiangyu! First paper from the PhD thesis is out! Check out how resistance against root-feeding nematodes in Jacobaea vulgaris affects neighbouring plants!

First field campaign for Silva Nova!

July 2021

The Leiden team has finished their very first sampling effort for the Silva Nova project, including several forests of different ages in the Netherlands.

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